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About Me

Although I have a broad range of interests I do not engage in too many things - I prefer to have a deeper understanding on a few subjects rather than superficial knowledge in many.

Photographic portfolio

I have a passion for photography, especially nature photography (animals, flowers, landscapes). In general, I never miss an opportunity to photograph something interesting/new. I practice and am proficient in both digital and conventional photography, in 35mm as well as Medium Format. I am also very familiar with digital photo manipulation software and techniques.

I am proficient in colour printing from slides using the Ilfochrome (Cibachrome) process, which is an uncommon skill among photographers. Several of my photos have been published in Dubliner magazine, the John Hinde publishing house calendar and postcards, as well as the calendar of Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I do weddings, baptisms and other kinds of event photography.







Find out more about my photographic life on my web site dedicated to my photography.

Information technology

One of my major interests is technology: computers, mobile phones, embedded systems. I am an early adopter of new technologies in my field. I have extensive knowledge and experience in PC/laptop hardware, wired/wireless networked systems installation.

I offer my services to small to large sized companies as well as individuals.

These are just a few of the services I provide to my customers:

Web/Software development


Delivering custom solutions

Find out more about my IT background on my IT web site.

Electronics, embedded systems and DIY

I am fascinated by stuff that blink, beep, move or any other way interact with the world. :-)

I usually design my gadgets for my own personal use (or for someone in my circle of friends and family), to fulfil a particular need in a small section of everyday life. When someone else finds them useful, however, I feel a bit of the "greater good".

When I was (and still am) learning about electronics I use the internet heavily. With the help of countless selfless people around the world who offer their knowledge for free I have learnt a wealth of new technologies, and best practices. When I created my electronics DIY blog I did it to give some of this back to the community. To this extent all my projects are open source, and I try to explain, in my articles, how one can reproduce the same. All my projects can be reproduced by anyone using the information on my blog.

Most of my projects are also available as fully built units or (for the not so word) kits.

Some of my projects:

A simple but effective lightning trigger for cameras

Sound trigger for cameras

Programmable timer for automating real life tasks

Find more cool DIY projects on my DIY blog.